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Let your neighbors know you won't be pulling out the pesticide poisons & spraying your "weeds". And possibly you might even be cooking up some dishes with those... all good for your liver dandelion.

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About the flag

This original artwork was painted by local Columbus, Ohio Artist - Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch (Bio below). The flag size is 12 1/2 inches by 18 inches. The colors are exceptionally vibrant & fade resistant. The fabric is 100% polyester & very durable. The flag is 2 sided, see the full back view below.  1% of the sales of from this  flag will be donated to environmental organizations that support  awareness, healing & protection of our earth. The flag is made in China.   

About Roundup Pesticide

Roundup is poisoning our world,  It's active chemical ingredient glyphosate is associated with many diseases and heath issues. Over 650 million tons of glyphosate were used in 2013 alone ( 1 ). It can't be washed off and is used as a drying agent before harvesting many crops including; wheat, sugar, barley, oats, dried beans and more ( 2 ).  75 to 80% of processed foods sold in the U.S. have ingredients from genetically engineered plants that are grown with glyphosate based pesticides - mostly Roundup ( 3 ). 

"Glyphosate was significantly higher in humans (fed) conventional (food) compared with predominantly organic (fed) humans. Also the glyphosate residues in urine were grouped according to the human health status. Chronically ill humans had significantly higher glyphosate residues in urine than healthy humans"(4). - Monica Kruger, ENVIRONMENTAL & ANALYTICAL TOXICOLOGY 

Check out these websites for more information:




About Dandelions

Eat Dandelions?!?

Every part of the dandelion is edible and it's all good for the liver. Your liver is a major detoxing organ that performs over 500 functions: one being filtering 3 pints of blood every minute (5). So next dandelion season why not try dandelion blossoms instead of blueberries in your pancakes. After you've poured the batter arrange flower blossoms  up before turning them over...what fun!  Dandelion leaves...a free healthy food( less bitter in the Fall). Chop them & saute with onions & corn, then drizzle with toasted sesame seed oil. The roots are the most potent part of the dandelion. As an easy addition to a dish, after you dig (roots 3/4 inch or less thick), wash & cut - pour boiling water over them, cover, let sit 30 minutes then drain. Now they are ready to add to any dish, no more cooking required.  

Explore the possibilities

 I highly recommend SUSUN WEED's book - HEALING WISE. Buy at . It has a whole chapter on dandelion's healing properties and lots of useful recipes. The book discusses the healing capabilities of 7 common "weeds".  Susun Weed also shares her knowledge of medicinal herbs at her site - .

About Us

About me


  • I love to eat my weeds. As a 30 year breast cancer survivor being healthy is a priority for me. Every spring I use dandelion root tincture daily in my tea  for at least a month. I want to support the health of my liver, it's a major detoxing organ and dandelions are a tonic for the liver(6). This also helps keep my digestive juices strong so I can maximize my nutrient absorption, to help maintain my body's health. Now At 60 most people think I'm in my 40's. Besides good genes I chalk it up to fresh healthy eating, exercise & a positive outlook. I hope you enjoy your exploration of dandelions.

Wishing You Wellness - Laurel Hobden


The Photos


  • I love to photograph the plants in my yard & along hikes. I put in a rain garden with indigenous plants & was super excited to see monarch caterpillars munching on the leaves of my marsh milkweed. I've also seen praying mantis - one a 4 incher - Wow. I've been hoping to have toads in my yard - good garden pest control.  I've made a few impromptu toad houses & now they're here singing in the evenings - Love it...So Thankful!

About the Artist


Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch is an artist who creates Open Heart Creatures; expressed body puppets, installations, and paintings as tools for positive change. She is the mother of 3 boys living together in a little yellow house in Clintonville of Columbus, Ohio. She completed studies at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1999 with a focus on Fine Arts and Art Therapy. For 10 years following, she facilitated support groups throughout Columbus elementary schools. Through this, Pilgrim was able to create murals and stories with children. As her experience grew with the powerful and non-threatening ways of speaking through a puppet, her puppet passion grew--as well as her store bought puppet collection. Pilgrim became known as the 'Puppet Lady'. But something was not quite right. The store bought puppets all have smiles. She found her motivation to make puppets with the full spectrum of emotion. Not just happy. She taught herself how to sew. For the past 20 years, Pilgrim has been painting her own puppets and paintings, recently focusing on hands and dandelions with more emphasis on nature paintings. Finding the feeling in the woods, in humans, and puppets.


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Let your neighbors know you won't be using pesticides to kill dandelions nor poison our land & water. Spread the word  concerning Roundup's glyphosate... don't let it compromise you & your family's health.

"There is no acceptable level of glyphosate in our food, water rain, or bodies"  -  Anthony Samsel  - Independent Scientist of Environmental Chemistry,  Organic & Polymer Chemistry (5)


Information Accessed

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(3) - FoodDemocracyNow,com - Glyphosate: Unsafe on any Plate - page 3

(4) - Kruger M., Schiedorn P., Schrodi W., Hopp H W, Lutz W., et al. (2014) Detection of Glyphosate Residues in Animals & Humans. J Environ Anal Toxicol 4: 210


(5) - Susun Weed, Healing Wise - Pages 142

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Dedicated to my Dear Friends Zoe Buyalos & Kimm Marks. Two Beautiful Souls, that died from Cancer.

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